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The last Bioweapon release is from 2011, which has already been more than four years ago. It was the same year that the duo, consisting of Audiofreq and Code Black, decided to split up to focus on their solo careers. Unlike many other duo’s, both Audiofreq and Code Black have built a large fanbase over the years.

Besides the fact that they have both performed on nearly every big stage around the world, they have also released quite a few massive tracks during their solo careers.

A little while ago they posted a video on the Bioweapon Facebookpage, which was exactly four years after their last post. The video was rather mysterious, but the heartrate of many fans started rising fast, which made Bioweapon trending that day. It didn’t take before both Audiofreq and Code Black admitted to be working together in the studio again to create new Bioweapon material. But that’s not all, because today Audiofreq made the following announcement on Twitter.

“So, uh I wonder what people are gonna say what our Bioweapon EP sounds exactly like Bioweapon out of 2011. I mean, that’s kinda what the whole project/act was all about, that sound and that style. So if we go back to/continue that style, is that bad? I dunno, it’s weird, making old (school) sounding record with old tunes. Just hope people aren’t disappointed. But at least it’s fun.”

That last sentence also made our heartrate rise faster. When producers have fun while making a track, you can clearly tell the difference. We’re positive it will only benefit the final outcome. A new Bioweapon EP with 2011 sounds? We can’t wait!

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