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By Wouter de Vink

After its successful debut, Bombshell is now stepping up its game even more. In Rotterdam’s Now & Wow of the Maassilo, Raw & Uptempo come together for the second time in The Lost Temple: with bigger shows and Rebelion vs. Mutilator, E-Force vs. Unresolved, Deadly Guns & Major Conspiracy on the line-up.

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Veranda Events has been kicking off its events since this year. With the first prosperous edition ‘The Haunted Mansion’ still fresh in their memories, the organization also sold out the first outdoor uptempo festival Uptempo And You Know It this summer. “We think big: we have an event ready that has never been given before for 40,000 people, but that is something for the future”, they reveal.

For now, their focus is aimed at ‘The Lost Temple’ in November. The shows, decor and entertainment are once again upgraded – including the line-up with more than 20 artists in total. In addition to the previously mentioned names in Area 1, names such as Rosbeek can also be found in the second area ‘The Temple of Tempo’. Check out the full Bombshell line-up below.

Bombshell: The Lost Temple line-up

Rebelion vs. Mutilator

E-Force vs. Unresolved
Deadly Guns
Major Conspiracy
Convicted (Raw Classics)
Coldax vs Unload
Flux Overload
Da Syndrome

Tharoza vs. Athena

Project Core
Bazzy vs. Stampede
Screecher vs. DMRC
MC Raise

“This is where Raw Hardstyle & Uptempo meet. This is Bombshell: The Lost Temple”

Bombshell: The Lost Temple will be held on Friday the 3rd of November from 21:00 to 6:00 in the Now & Wow Maassilo. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website.

line-up bombshell the lost temple

“A few tourists takes the risk to visit an old abandoned temple. But the secret lies hidden in the beginning: A dark curse weighs on this mysterious place. Surrounded by hard kicks, the visitors have to fight their way through. The music shows them the way, but no one knows where it will lead them to. Salvation could be so close were it not for the mysterious monster that is on the heels of the tourists. However, the last chance to escape is not possible without an obstacle. Will the visitors have the courage to seek the last escape or is their fate already sealed in the depths of The Lost Temple?”

Footage taken from Facebook page Veranda Events

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