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By Wouter de Vink

Elektrum Festival will be even more extensive this year. After a successful (and sold out) first edition, the multi-day festival now has no less than 5 stages on both Saturday and Sunday. “Close your festival season with these hard artists!”

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Organizations Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor joined forces last year for the debut of Elektrum: a festival with all the harder styles in the enchanting forests of the Velder Woods. It immediately managed to leave a considerable mark on the festival landscape as the new closing of the festival season.

This year, Elektrum is taking it up a notch. The harder styles festival adds an extra stage, so that in addition to the mainstage, the Hardcore, Uptempo, Extra RAW, (RAW) Classics and of course the Boombox are also present. “With the fusion of the creative minds of WiSH Outdoor and Intents Festival, all high expectations are fulfilled during the biggest closing of the year.”

A total of 125+ acts have been announced, including The Second Dose, Adrenalize, Dual Damage and Gezellige Uptempo. Check out the full Elektrum 2023 line-up below.

“Enter a world full of magic, excitement and mystery during Elektrum Festival”

Elektrum Festival takes place in the Velder Woods in Boxtel. For tickets and more information, visit the festival’s official website. The Saturday Early Bird tickets have already been sold. Make sure you order your tickets quickly if you don’t want to miss Elektrum!

Elektrum Festival 2023 line-up

Saturday 14 October

Shuyo – Mainstage
Act of Rage | Adrenalize | Aversion LIVE
B-Front | Bloodlust vs Regain
Demi Kanon | Dual Damage | Galactixx Interstellar
Hard Driver vs Code Black | Rejecta | The Purge
Unresolved RED BLOOD | Warface Rest In Pieces | MC Livid

Koibito-tachi – Uptempo
Abaddon vs Satirized | Bulletproof vs Barber
DRS | Gezellige Uptempo | Heavy Damage | Juliëx
Lunakorpz | Major Conspiracy | Manifest Destiny vs Unproven | Noxiouz vs Jur Terreur
Rosbeek | The Dope Doctor vs Trespassed | MC Raise

Saparaizu – Extra RAW
Deluzion | Element | Invector | JNXD vs Level One
Killshot | Kruelty | Luminite LIVE | Omnya vs Sanctuary
PL4Y | Scarra vs Kenai | Vasto | MC FLO

Adrenalize vs Code Black | Alpha2 | Flux Overload
Jason Payne Goldschool | Jones | Rebourne
The Pitcher | Zelecter | MC Activate

Collusion | Faceless | Gaia | Miss Isa
Repeller | Revealer

Sunday 15 October

Shuyo – Mainstage
Adaro vs Invector | Aversion vs Rejecta
Bassline Madness LIVE | D-Sturb | E-Force LIVE
Overdose presents The Second Dose | Rooler | Sickmode
Sub Zero Project Psychodelic  | Vertile’s Dimension X
Voidax vs Nightcraft | Warface vs Adjuzt | MC Livid

Koibito-tachi – Hardcore/Uptempo
Abaddon vs Lunakorpz | Deadly Guns | Dimitri K
Irradiate | Major Conspiracy vs Barber
Manifest Destiny vs Rosbeek | Partyraiser
Paul Elstak | Spitnoise
The Dope Doctor presents S.O.S. LIVE | MC Raise

Saparaizu – Extra RAW
Bloodlust | Boray | Element vs Luminite
JNXD X TELLEM Lose Your Sh#t | Mish
Spoontechnicians | The Purge vs Griever
Uncaged Cagefight | Unresolved vs Imperatorz
Vexxed | MC FLO

Crypsis | Deetox | E-Force
Ghost Zero | Jones | Regain | Sub Sonik | MC Activate

Angerzam | Ephoric | Exodus | Flux Overload
Point Break | Valido

Footage taken from Facebook page Elektrum Festival


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