Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Cryex kicks off the upcoming festival season with a brand new live act called Band Of Color. With this unique new act, Cryex takes the hardstyle audience on a journey through a lively and colorful world where his creativity and versatility shine through.

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It’s no surprise that color plays a prominent role in Cryex’s life. The hardstyle DJ, signed with APEX, has had different colors of dye in his hair over the years and has always appeared on stage in the most colorful outfits. That is why Cryex’s new live act, Band Of Color, perfectly fits him.

Naturally, Band Of Color revolves around a lot of new hardstyle music. In addition to edits and brand-new solo tracks from Cryex, the live act will also feature collaborations with other artists from the scene.

Band Of Color by Cryex represents the perfect mix of endless energy, creativity, and brand-new music. Every live act emphasizes one unique color. Each time, attendees step into a completely new world featuring an exclusive outfit, customized visuals, and special effects specific to that color.

β€œDon’t miss your chance to witness this extraordinary Cryex in action… This is BAND OF COLOR!”

The first event where Cryex will shine with Band of Color will be at Reverze in the Lotto Arena on March 2, 2024. Eager to find out where Band Of Color will also be on the line-up? Keep updated by monitoring his Instagram for announcements regarding this vibrant live act. You can now buy special Band Of Color merchandise in the official APEX webshop.

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