Hard News
By Hard News

Da Tweekaz, the kings of the ‘cheese’, had a lot of success with their concept ‘#Tweekay14’ last year. The concept consisted of premiering and releasing one new track each month during the whole of 2014.

Tweekay is derived from ‘Two K’, where K stands for 1000, and 14, which combined means 2014. The project lead to 12 new track at the end of the year, including “Hewwego”, “Letting Go”, and “Little Red Riding Hood”. The guys previously spoke about a sequel, because they liked doing it so much. Luckily they premiered the following mysterious video tonight.

Da Tweekaz only posted the following message “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”, which is very mysterious and quite meaningless. But.. at the end of the video a TV screen flickers with the word “TWEEKAY16”. To clarify it all the two leaders of the ‘duck-army’ comment below the video, saying “LIKE if you are ready for #Tweekay16!”

Well that’s enough evidence for us to start getting excited for another 12 awesome, and somewhat cheesy, tracks in 2016!

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