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By Wouter de Vink

The guys from Da Tweekaz are coming with a new label. They made this announcement in their live Q&A on their social media last night. Together with Darren Styles they’ve joined forces to create a new happy hard label called Electric Fox. But that’s definitely not the only thing that Da Tweekaz are working on.

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Because 2018 will be all about 10 Years of Da Tweekaz and this anniversary will be celebrated big time. The Norwegians will host numerous of parties all over the world and bringing the whole Tweekah circus to countries like Belgium, Germany, Chili en Australia. Besides that they will remix some older tracks, which will be featured on their brand new album. This one will contain one CD with present & new tracks and the other CD includes the Tweekah classics. Although this means that there won’t be a #Tweekay18 this year, it safe to say that you’ll get a whole lot back for it in return. Like special 10 Years of Da Tweekaz duckies. “We want to do everything. This will be the year of Da Tweekaz in general.”

10 Years of Da Tweekaz: a new album & a brand new label

Electric Fox will be launched very soon and the first track will be the long awaited ‘Party Starter’. Also on of their latest tracks ‘Jägermeister’ will be coming very soon, but this takes a little longer. Check out the full Q&A by Da Tweekaz down below.

Cover image via Facebook page Da Tweekaz


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