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By Wouter de Vink

After 5 months filled with 5 releases, today Dr. Peacock finally presents his long-awaited album Medication Time. 22 tracks containing loads of musical diversity, different BPMs and special collaborations are resulting in a lot of praising reactions for the doctor from both his fans and his colleagues. 

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The last couple of months were all about unique releases: with collaborations like metal band Alestorm, Latvian national folk hero Haralds Sīmanis and French goth-pop duo ascendant vierge one thing is for certain: Dr. Peacock has pulled out all the musical stops with this collection! The build-up came to an all-time high last night, with the release of the brand-new videoclip Medication Time. Here, Dr. Peacock takes you to a trippy setting in an abandoned hospital, where he provides you with the musical medicine.  

By now, streams of the album are already rising to millions, which makes it no surprise the timeline of Dr. Peacock is filled with praising reactions from both fans and colleagues. With 22 tracks and a grand musical diversity, this collection is definitely worth a trip to Spotify! 

Tracklist Medication Time:
1. Dr. Peacock feat. Haralds Sīmanis – Trip to Latvia

2. Sefa & Dr. Peacock ft. Chrono – Das Boot
3. Dr. Peacock & D-Frek – Drink 
4. Dr. Peacock & ascendant vierge – Influencer (Hard Version) 
5. Dr. Peacock & Ophidian – The Wonders of the Universe 
6. Dr. Peacock & Guigoo – Japanese Nightclub (Peacock in Concert Edit) 
7. Dr. Peacock & Dethveda – Conflict 
8. Dr. Peacock & Odium & Da Mouth of Madness – Still Standing Strong 
9. Dr. Peacock – Trip to Valhalla 
10. Dr. Peacock & Stormtrooper – A500 Rebooted 
11. Dr. Peacock & Neika – Party Rocker 
12. Dr. Peacock & Tanukichi – Lofi Rumba 
13. Dr. Peacock & Floxytek – Rage 
14. Dr. Peacock – Illusion of Time 
15. Dr. Peacock & Da Mouth of Madness – Peacock in Babylon 
16. Dr. Peacock & The Sickest Squad – This Is Your Illusion 
17. Dr. Peacock & Billx & Paul Ganon – Trip to Arabia 
18. Dr. Peacock & Mat Weasel Busters – Cavalcade 
19. Dr. Peacock – Medication Time 
20. Dr. Peacock & Angernoizer – Trip to Catalonia 
21. Dr. Peacock & Alee – The Time is Now 
22. Dr. Peacock & Aekhloria – Everything Falls Apart 

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“What do you choose, Medication or Medication?” 

The album has a double meaning to it: “Often, we are looking for a ‘quick fix’ for all of our problems. You’re in pain? You take a pill. You’re depressed? You take a pill… These crazy times made me realize more than ever that instead of reaching towards these quick fixes, music could in fact be a medicine.” Medication Time has been fully released last night and you can listen to it here on all platforms, to find out the meaning behind the album yourself. 

For the real fans there is also a one-of-a-kind limited edition Vinyl available, each with its own unique barcode. You can find this at the Frenchcore Worldwide Store.  

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