Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

With the biggest edition of Peacock in Concert still fresh in memory, Dr. Peacock is on a roll and just released a unique new project of his upcoming album. The ‘Trip to Latvia’ videoclip has just premiered: a special collaboration with folk hero Haralds Sīmanis, captured on film in grand (and normally off-limits) locations in Latvia.

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For the newest musical dose of Medication Time album, Dr. Peacock presents a brand-new ‘Trip To’, for which he traveled to Latvia this time and collaborated with national hero Haralds Sīmanis. And that’s not something done easily… According to the doctor it took over a year (!) to track down the Latvian musician. “It was a long search, but I didn’t give up.”

The result of this search now speaks volumes. After Dr. Peacock already shared before how special his experience in Latvia was, fans can now share this journey with him. The videoclip is “a fairytale for adults”, filled with secret locations and unique drone footage that according to Dr. Peacock represent an ode to the beauty of the country.

“We also want to show our solidarity to everyone affected by the war”

Besides bringing an ode to the country, Dr. Peacock also wants to support its citizens with the release of ‘Trip to Latvia’. “We don’t only want to bring an ode to the beauty of Latvia, but also show our solidarity to everyone affected by the war. I will donate 100% of the net profit of this videoclip to www.ukraine-latvia.com, an organization helping Ukrainian refugees in Latvia with information, accommodations & more.”

You can watch the Trip to Latvia videoclip here, or listen it on Spotify here. You can find the full story behind this project in the YouTube description!

Footage taken from Facebook page Dr. Peacock

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