Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Dual Damage does it again and exceeds all expectations. Even on the regular festival day of Intents, the much-discussed duo brings a crowded dancefloor to the campsite for an exclusive set: full of PVC kicks and klaplongs.

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The hype around Dual Damage is rising to great heights. The men Thijs & Jesper were originally scheduled for the line-up of the Boombox at Intents Festival, but the craziness only increased. The organization received hundreds of DMs: this talent stage would have been way too small. So Dual Damage got an upgrade and they are performing no less than 3 times in the whole weekend of The Kingdom of Unity.

After the first back2back with Aversion on the Friday of the festival, there was already a packed Fanaticz stage. On Saturday the challenge was a lot bigger: exclusively for the weekend visitors of IntentsCity, Dual Damage would play a set at the campsite – something that the regular visitors couldn’t visit at all. How busy would it be here?

Dual Damage managed to break down this area too, where the audience is going wild (even beyond the picnic benches). In the middle of the square of IntentsCity is a pretty big stage, consisting of parts of last year’s mainstage. A massive turnout of visitors created an unprecedented atmosphere in the burning sun: the decking bounces under your feet, while their new tracks like ‘Hiding’ and ‘Blades’ blast through the speakers. Fists are constantly beating the air and during the ‘Game Over’ edit, the audience completely drowns out the music by screaming along with every kickroll. “This is getting wrecked!”

Dual Damage is here to stay: “We will never break”

The separate IntentsCity contributes to the ultimate weekend feeling: during the festival you will only find the die hards here who want to go wild. Dual Damage faces the next step today: which is a solo set at the Fanaticz stage at 18:00. Which stage will they be on during Intents Festival 2024 – Into The Wild?


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