Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

D-Sturb and E-Force are combining forces and are making a collab. They revealed the news yesterday with a photo on both their Facebook pages. This collab will be part of E-Force’s first and brand new album, which we can expect to arrive next year.

E-Force: “In the studio with D-Sturb! Are you ready for some kickrolls?”. Edward Aandewiel, his real name, is a big name in the Hardstyle scene. He played at every big festival and is mostly known for his tracks ‘Seven’, ‘Open The Gates’ and ‘Boomstick’. He is also part of War Force together with Warface.

D-Sturb & E-Force
D-Sturb: “New bomb in the making with…. E-Force!”. Jorrit Popkema, the man behind D-Sturb, is an extremely talented producer and DJ and is making some big steps to be part of the big guys. His dj skills and produce skills are really something and you could know him from the remix he made of the track ‘Warface and Frequencerz – Menace’. Earlier this year he moved from Gearbox to Warface’s label End of Line Recordings. It says a lot about the confidence they have in Jorrit.

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