Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Since 2008, more than one hundred thousand visitors from all over Europe have had the pleasure to enjoy the great atmosphere and the best Hardstyle and Hardcore music at Fantasy Island Festival! And because of that fantastic atmosphere, Fantasy Island Festival has become a well-known name in the Netherlands over the past 9 years and it has produced many memorable and epic memories for all of you!

Last year, Fantasy Island Festival carried the theme; Dia de los Muertos, the famous Mexican holiday in which the lives of those who are no longer among, is celebrated. Looking back at this wonderful edition, it appears that this theme is turning out to be quite literal. With an enormously heavy heart they regret to inform you that Fantasy Island Festival will (temporarily) be cancelled. But why?

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, Fantasy Island did not manage to keep up with the immense growth spurt of Freshtival; organized at the same location and in the same (Pentecost) weekend. This makes it logistically impossible to guarantee the quality and atmosphere of Fantasy Island. Simply put; the location containing tents and area’s is basically getting too big.

Obviously, the organisation considered moving Fantasy Island to another weekend, but sadly this is impossible due to technical and practical agenda reasons.

Despite this sad news, Absolutely Fresh will of course stay committed to harder styles. During Freshtival they will make an extra effort to make the SUPERBASH hosting even greater. HARDFEST will be bigger than ever and after the unprecedented success of AIRFORCE Festival you can only expect that they will do everything to greatly exceed your expectations.

Absolutely Fresh want to thank all the artists and partners! Together, from day one, they have given it all and with many of you, Absolutely Fresh will continue to do this forever.

But above all, Absolutely Fresh wants to use this opportunity to show their gratitude to you as visitors. Your support, enthusiasm and all those happy faces made sure that one by one, every edition, was unforgettable!

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