Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Frontliner is known for frequently experimenting in the studio. Besides that he also takes a lot of time to talk with his fans. Earlier he did a Q&A which led to many very funny answers and yesterday he decided to do it again. Although this Q&A wasn’t as funny, it was certainly interesting. He revealed a lot of cool stuff and fans even helped him come up with it.

1. Frontliner & Noisecontrollers collab
The Q&A revealed that he’s working on a track with Noisecontrollers at the moment. Noisecontrollers himself also stated it in a recent interview with DJ Mag (Dutch) that they’re working on a track together and that it will be finished this year. But it will probably take a while since both are having too much of a good time when visiting each other.

2. Frontliner & Sub Sonik collab
After a fan asked Barry (Frontliner) if and when he would make a track with Sub Sonik he said “Whenever he’s ready, I will be here patiently waiting.” Of course Sub Sonik noticed the comment and said the following: “You don’t have to wait anymore! let’s do this.”

3. Frontliner is going to work on a Hardcore track
hheheeh This bit was also thanks to a fan. Frontliner was asked if he would create a Hardcore track if the fan’s comment would reach 300 likes. Frontliner said he would also do it if the comment reached 50 likes, but within no-time it got over 400. Reason enough to do it. He will set up a livestream soon so fans can watch and listen.

4. New Frontliner album in 2017
Yes sir, after having done a ‘The Summer of Frontliner’ twice Frontliner revealed that his project for 2017 is creating a new album. If he will succeed in doing so is the question, but if there is someone capable of producing hit after hit it’s him.

5. Edit of ‘Showtek & Major Lazer – Believer’
While this isn’t news from the Q&A, it’s still news. Frontliner posted a video a few days ago about how much he liked the latest Showtek & Major Lazer track. He liked it so much that he decided to give it a spin. Check out this video to find out how he did it.

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