Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

On Saturday, March 30, 2024, the doors of the Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch will open again to tens of thousands of hardcore enthusiasts. Get ready for a journey through the dimensions of time during Masters of Hardcore – Time Heist. “Join our quest to change the course of time, for our future’s salvation lies within our past.”

Masters of Hardcore has been the mecca for hardcore fans from all over the world for almost three decades. The stages, with the massive main stage as an eye-catcher, are transformed every year into stunning works of art that fit seamlessly with the theme. The decoration of the entire event, including the countless lasers, LED screens and fireworks, is always enthusiastically received. In short: Masters of Hardcore is an annual tradition for those who crave an unprecedented high BPM content.

After a successful first edition, the Official After will be back next year. “For those whose energy is not bound by the limits of time, we’re adding some extra hours of high-level raving as we crank up the BPM’s once more,” the organization said via Instagram.

€5 discount on tickets for Masters of Hardcore-members

Masters of Hardcore – Time Heist takes place on March 30, 2024. Register now for the member sale, so you can get a ticket on November 7, 2023. This is a week before regular sales start. As a bonus, you also get one of the limited tickets with a €5 discount. Regular sales start on November 14 – then you pay the normal price for a ticket.

Masters of Hardcore
“Masters, we are about to take you on a journey through the dimensions of time. The fate of our future hangs in the balance and there’s only one way to reverse what has already been set in motion. By altering time itself, we will be able to rewrite our destiny. Join our quest to change the course of time, for our future’s salvation lies within our past.”

Images via Facebook-page Masters of Hardcore

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