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By Wouter de Vink

Imperatorz is the latest addition to the Scantraxx BLACK label. The German DJ is therefore the very first talent to break through for an adventure on the harder main label and immediately comes with a brand new EP: “There are many great future projects to come, just like the Alpha Legion release.”

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Less than a year after Scantraxx Carbon was born, Kevin seizes his opportunity with both hands. As an artist, he has been working on the road with Imperatorz for a while, with tracks like ‘Valhalla’. That is how he got featured on the line-up of QAPITAL, Defqon.1, Fatality and Decibel outdoor this past year.

‘The calm before the storm has turned into a hurricane of sound’

Enough reasons for Scantraxx BLACK to commit the German producer to the main label. “I am very happy to finally be able to announce this big step”, Imperatorz begins to say. His name will be listed amongst fellow members Rebelion, Kronos and Deetox – just to name a few. “Personally, I’m an open and friendly guy and a great team player – because of this (combined with my energetic performance and tracks) I think I will be a fantastic fit for the rest of the label. It’s a privilege to be close to great label artists and I’m ready to prove myself.” He wants to do this with a lot of new music that is ready to be released.

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In recent weeks, his Instagram went black, although this was a foretaste of the big announcement. “First of all, I appreciate the opportunity and trust the label to give me: I’m the first artist to get from the talent label to the main label – this is a big thing!” Imperatorz has done everything possible to develop his sound. “I’ve been very busy in the studio for the past year. As some of you have noticed that between May and December I didn’t release any music: I used this period to work on new sounds, improve things like and work on future projects such as the ‘Alpha Legion’ EP.”

“COVID showed me how important a close relationship with my fans is”

Despite the fact that there are few events, Imperatorz managed to stand out in the past year. “Well, it has been a curious time and I have to admit it was weird at first. I’ve been busy trying to find new ways to connect with fans, be active on Instagram and let people have a more in depth view of my day and the things I do. Since the end of December I have also been on Twitch weekly, streaming music, talking to people and having a good time. COVID has shown me how important a close relationship with my fans is and I’m working hard to make this connection even better.”

Imperatorz’s first weapon on Scantraxx BLACK is already planned: a hard-hitting EP with three varying tracks. “With the title track ‘Alpha Legion’ together with my brother Disarray, a collab with my German homeboy Fraw (be warned, because this one is not for the sensitive ears) and my very first hardcore track called ‘Throwing Out’. I love the variety in this EP – with three completely different styles and combinations of sound!”

On the day of the release (March 18), Kevin wants to do something special. “You can expect a giveaway that has never been done like this before – you have a chance to win ‘the Alpha Legion Experience’, but what that will be exactly remains a secret for now.”

PRE-SAVE: Get the ‘Alpha Legion’ EP first in your library on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer

Imperatorz starts with Alpha Legion an ambitious future at Scantraxx BLACK

Now that Imperatorz is officially on the BLACK label, he is looking forward to the next goals in his career. “I want to become an established name in the scene, work with artists I admire and push boundaries with other genres”, he explains. “I think hardstyle is still in its ‘kids shoes’ and we are lucky to have guys like Sub Zero Project, Rebelion or Sickmode pushing the boundaries to create more opportunities for every other artist.”

Imperatorz is full of ambition and enthusiasm, something he also wants to pass on to everyone at home. “Take care of yourself! Soon we will all be partying again and I can’t wait to see you all!”

Imperatorz ‘new EP Alpha Legion will be released on Thursday the 18th of March on Scantraxx BLACK. Pre-save the track on all available portals to hear it first.

Footage taken from Instagram page Imperatorz

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