Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The Saturday of Intents Festival is in full swing and it has had an excellent start with Imperatorz. The tall German DJ seized the early moment of the day to whip up the crowd and took the bull by its horns with a powerful set.

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Imperatorz is on the rise and is heavily loaded with 35 heavy tracks for the Fanaticz stage: the area that gets bigger and bigger every year. The Scantraxx BLACK artist was scheduled for the third set of the day, but that didn’t stop him from getting straight to the point: dancing your ass off. Much to the delight of the enthusiastic audience.

The Imperatorz set was full of hits and mash-ups: it put everyone on the dance floor on edge. As a result, the mood was immediately excellent. Especially when you consider that the German (2 meters high) waltzed across the stage like a Duracell battery. It’s contagious, because while the DJ almost jumps against the roof of the booth during the (what a coincidence) ‘Energy’, the Intents audience is instantly in a good mood.

They scream along en masse during the ‘Warrior’ collab with Aversion and spin circles like a Turbo Booster when they go wrong while a new ID ‘Disobey’ blows out of the speakers. Finally, Fraw comes on stage and the ‘Face The Rage’-edit is received with open arms by the audience. “Move bitch, get out of the way!”

Imperatorz creates an excellent start for the Fanaticz

With his second Intents performance, Imperatorz is again making his mark: an energetic start to the day is what catches on with people. “Intents always brings the energy”, says Imperatorz after his performance. “Incredibly thankful for the support and vibe during my set. You all coming out early means the world!”

The Fanaticz stage is also featuring Aversion, Dual Damage and many more this weekend: be there next year and pre-register now for Intents Festival 2024 – Into The Wild.

imperatorz @ intents festival 2023 - kingdom of unity

Footage taken from Facebook page Intents Festival

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