Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Major Conspiracy kicked off their hosting of the Dynamite stage in the biggest way. The energetic duo opened the hardcore tent with one big madhouse: where kicks, lasers and a lot of surprise acts flew around the ears of many enthusiasts. “This was so sick!”

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Major Conspiracy’s opening show is going at least as hard as their careers. For the first time, the gentlemen are responsible for The Majestic Kitchen at Intents and pulled out the big guns for this hosting. With 200 flags and LED foam sticks (in the colors of the Dutch flag), the Dynamite was on fire: everywhere you looked, fists beat to the bass-drums and people jumped into the air dancing.

Major Conspiracy managed to move the audience in all directions. An edit of the hardest version of ‘Engelbewaarder’ you’ve ever heard was mixed with a rattling ‘Hardcore Linksvoor’. After this opening it was time for Major & Friends: a surprising set where Partyraiser, Dr. Peacock, The Purge, N-Vitral and even Petronella (the voice of ‘G.V.D.’) stormed the stage with the Major Fans – while huge beach balls bouncing around the enormous tent. The cheerful (but especially energetic) duo provided a mega show and we’re going to hear a lot from them this summer. “De bass klapt door je botten!”

Major Conspiracy turns Dynamite hosting into a mega energetic show: “Hardcore Linksvoor”

After a crazy dress up party with Mish, Major Conspiracy closed the mainstage as icing on the cake – together with Dimitri K. This brings the first day of Intents Festival to a successful end: the organization has now also announced the theme for next year.

Footage taken from Facebook page Intents Festival

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