Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

MC Da Syndrome is of course known for his unprecedented energy, but he literally rips out his pants on stage. During his episodes in PLAFONDDIENST – The Dutch Hardstyle Podcast, he says that it is no public secret that he regularly tears out his trousers. “I think I’m going to put one on my rider.”

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As a guest of the PLAFONDDIENST podcast, MC Da Syndrome knows so much to tell that he managed to fill two entire episodes. From the beginning of his career to all the different music styles of today: this Hardstyle artist knows what to do. Even when the music cuts out, like at Intents Festival 2018. “We spent 11 minutes telling jokes and singing songs to make sure the people didn’t leave the dancefloor.”

That mission was successful. During Frequencerz’s set on the mainstage, a mixer suddenly broke down, prompting MC Da Syndrome and DV8 to come to the rescue. “An organization prepares a whole year for a harder styles festival”, the hardstyle podcast says. “That’s when MCs come in handy to jump in and entertain the crowd, while technicians solve the problem.”

Check Part 2 of MC Da Syndrome at PLAFONDDIENST – The Dutch Hardstyle Podcast

MC Da Syndrome knew so much about MCs within Hardstyle, that even two episodes of PLAFONDDIENST – De Hardstyle Podcast have to be used. “What do you think we have in 2044: a classics event with PVC kicks!?”

What does it take to be an MC and can you even go to the toilet for half an hour for number two? Listen to Part 2 of MC Da Syndrome on your favorite platform and also rate the podcast via Spotify.

Footage taken from Facebook page MC Da Syndrome

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