Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Both MYST and Deetox have been very busy in the studio lately. MYST has just released his mini-album called ‘The Prophecy’ which provided him with a lot of new fans and Deetox is producing one banging track after another. Is it possible to combine such busy schedules? Why not. Myst and Deetox have just confirmed that they are working on a collab together.

MYST, the talented youngster from Nightbreed Records, has made serious progress this year. His mini-album ‘The Prophecy’ has gained a lot of support from many big artists in the scene at the biggest parties. Tracks like ‘Hear My Breath’ and ‘The Greatest Nightmare’ are loved by the crowd, but ‘Before You Go’ is without a doubt the most beloved track from the mini-album.

Deetox has been active at the top of the raw hardstyle scene for quite some time now. She even had the honor to preform at Qlimax 2015, but she hasn’t stopped there. Deetox has been very busy in studio lately. Besides her new live act ‘Bring the Riot’ and a lot of new solo tracks she has also made a lot of collabs. Artists like Cyber, Sound Rush and Sub Sonik have already paid Deetox a visit in her studio and now the talented MYST can say he did as well.

This is what ‘The Queen of Raw’ herself had to say about the upcoming collab: “Expect heavy kicks, a shivering melody and music you want to dance to”. It’s clear what the intentions behind the track are: “Hardstyle the way we all fell in love with”. Deetox will perform at Intents festival upcoming weekend. Maybe we will get a glance of the track during her set.

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