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It’s no secret that Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators, aka NCBM, are an excellent duo. Earlier this year they released their massive collab Rocked Up, which became an instant hit. But that’s not all, because just before Defqon.1 they revealed their even bigger production Solar, that has been played at every big festival throughout the season.

But they’re not only great as a collab team, they also have a way of working on each others tracks. For example, Bass Modulators made a big remix of Fasther ‘n Further while Noisecontrollers created his own massive version of the track Let Me See Ya.

In a recent interview with DJ Mag the guys from Bass Modulators reveal that there is a lot more NCBM stuff coming soon.

“We will do some long studio sessions again shortly. We’ve got a lot of ideas for NCBM that need to be layed out in a short period of time. We really want to focus on NCBM and our solo careers right now.”

Obviously this is great news, which makes us anxious to find out what magic will roll out of their studios next. On the question if they will continue to experiment with influences from other genres they answered that it will be very likely, because they like to keep things fresh.

Source: DJ Mag Interview

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