Thomas Sterks
By Thomas Sterks

Last weekend was the second time that NCBM, consisting of Noisecontrollers (NC) and Bass Modulators (BM) performed on-stage with their euphoric act. Before their performance they revealed that it would contain a lot of new material, so many people were looking forward to it.

Last Friday the performance took place at 20:30 during The Gathering, the ceremony that celebrates the opening of the Defqon.1 weekend every year. The audience was absolutely thrilled, so the atmosphere was great.  “It’s all about having fun on stage. We’ve combined our specialties and it was one big party. It’s about the pure music that we want to share.”

The newspaper next door had a remarkable announcement, NCBM will soon release their very own mini-album! “After our NCBM performance, we’ve announced our mini-album called Chapter One. It contains the tracks that were due to be released as well as fresh new material and edits. For the people who loved the tracks, you can get them a few weeks after Defqon.1, because the album will be released on July 15th on Q-dance Records.”

Good new for everyone who loves the melodic sounds of this euphoric duo. On July 15 their mini-album Chapter One will be released on Q-dance Records.

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