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By Hard News

Moments ago Dirty Workz revealed a brand-new label, called Wolf Pack. This new label will look for ways to expand the boundaries of Hardstyle. Lowriderz are responsible for the first release, called ‘Hardest on the Block’. The word Wolf stands for “We Only Life For – music”. Wolf Clan is not a new Dirty Workz sub-label, but they do provide musical support.

“As Hard Dance grows and expands boundaries new musical tastes emerge that cannot be ignored. 

We are very proud to present a new label “Wolf Clan” which will disperse the eclectic sound within Hard Dance – a lifestyle not generally linked with Hardstyle, yet intertwines the rough exterior that is Hard Dance and the fresh diversity of everything beyond.”

Check out the first release on the brand-new label Wolf Clan, ‘Lowriderz – Hardest on the Block’.

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