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The record label of the Italian heavyweight Zatox had stood still in time for a while. The last release dates back to 2016, it has been a while. But all that is about to change if we are to believe the post on Unite’s Instagram-story: their logo can be seen with the text “We are back”. Not only the label, but Zatox had a post with #uniteisback as well.

The label, which had Italian heavyweight Zatox as its mainman, seemed to have bled to dead. Zatox had a label before Unite, that also seemed to have left the limelight in a similar fashion. Both labels had their scope on Italy and its talents within. At Unite, there were big names like Kronos, The R3belz and Typhoon who topped the charts often. But also smaller names like Raxtor and Drone were part of the label. Not only Italian artists worked with the label, Wasted Penguinz had a release as well. The main man Zatox has been releasing his track on Dirty Workz for a while now.

Zatox’ label, Unite, is back on track

it seems like Zatox will function as leader of the Label once more. Even though Gearbox brought many Italian names to the scene, there’s always more room for international faces in the scene.

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