Lisa van den Broek
By Lisa van den Broek

D-Sturb is definitely not afraid to collab with one of his colleagues. Together with High Voltage, Rebelion, hardcore couple Destructive Tendencies and Devin Wild he made some tracks. Jorrit Popkema, better known as D-Sturb, thought now was the time for solo tracks. He announced his tracks together with is new mini-album.

Together with his solo tracks D-Sturb announced the pre-order date of his new mini-album. According to the Facebook-page of the producer his new mini-album ‘On Your Mark‘ can be pre-ordered from the 15th of March. ‘On Your Mark‘ will be released on the 30th of March. The new mini-album will not be an ordinary album. It will be released on an limited edition USB stick, which can be pre-ordered here.

Picture: Facebook-page D-Sturb

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