Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Pandemonium goes big for a special milestone and returns to what it’s all about: the 100% hardcore feeling. During this 30th edition, they once again come with a top production of an incredibly high level and many details in the stages: “As you can expect from Pandemonium.”

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Organization Cyndium has built up a great reputation with Pandemonium in 19 years. In the legendary Sporthallen Zuid you will find 5 areas for all types of hardcore with no fewer than 12,000 visitors. “The line-up is in line with the true gabber feeling, with a lot of attention for hardcore legends and room for newer names.”

Think of the greatest such as Tha Playah, Mad Dog, Evil Activities vs The Viper and Ophidian that can be found on The Twilight Zone. But also the founders of the early sound (such as Marc Acardipane, Dano, DJ Ruffneck, The Resonant Squad and Peckerhead) on the imposing mainstage and uptempo artists (including Partyraiser and Chaotic Hostility vs. Vandal!sm) at The Sinister Sanctuary. In short, ‘The Dark Dimension’ has it all: from millennium to terror. Check out the full Pandemonium 2023 line-up below.

“With 5 areas, 12,000 visitors, more than 80+ artists and a hardcore temple as a base, this promises to be a great edition”

Pandemonium – ‘The Dark Dimension’ will take place on Saturday 18 November 2023 in the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. The organization expects to sell out faster than ever before this year as ticket sales have already started (with over 60% of tickets sold), so head over to the official website for tickets and more information.

Pandemonium 2023 line-up

Area 01: The Multirave

The Destroyer vs. Drokz vs. Akira, The Resonant Squad vs. Xqruciator, Ruffneck vs. Painbringer, Vince vs. Waxweazle, Peckerhead (live), Marc Acardipane (live), Lenz vs. Not a Dj, Predator, The Twins Artcore vs. Formek vs. Slugnoid, Dano vs. Chosen Few, Hosted by: MC Ruffian

Area 02: The Twilight Zone

Anime vs. Tha Playah, Evil Activities vs The Viper, Hellfish vs. The Dj Producer, Mad Dog, Ophidian vs. Nosferatu, Catscan vs. Predator, Dione (E-Noid & Dione set), Sequence & Ominous, Hysta, Hosted by: MC Jeff

Area 03: The Sinister Sanctuary

Partyraiser, Chaotic Hostility vs. Vandal!sm, Unproven vs. Satirized, NSD vs. Hatred (early uptempo), Trespassed vs. The Dope Doctor, MBK vs. Irradiate, Manifest Destiny vs Lekkerfaces, Abaddon vs. Soulblast, Tharoza vs. Rosbeek, Hosted by: Mc Robs

Area 04: The Nexus of Obscurity

The Sickest Squad, Radium, The Whistlers, Chrono vs. The Demon Dwarf, The Braindrillerz, Maissouille, Bit Reactors, The Speedfreak, Doris, Hosted by: MC No-ID

Area 05: The Infinity Chamber

Tripped, Dissoactive vs. Suicide Rage, Nekrosystem, OTM vs. Hardnetic, Kaycie & Apac, SRB, The Vizitor, Putty, Bruhze

Footage taken from website Pandemonium

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