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Pandemonium the 20th edition… almost everyone knows the concept of it, so this is specially for those are still unaware of what’s happening. Pandemonium is in its own way the biggest hardcore event of the whole planet. Gabbers all around the world will fly to our tiny country for this event. So, mark the 2th of December and thrust on us for creating an awesome party.

Pandemonium – The Mutating Symbol the 20th edition will take place on the 2th of December in the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam, the homefront for every Hardcore-lover. Since our event is known for its unique live sets every year, we promise you that we will not dissapoint you this year either. During Pandemonium the 20th edition, you will see the greatest DJ’s, the coolest battles and ofcourse expect an amazing atmosphere.

This year Pandemonium uses a very special concept, since symbols will be representing every individual musicstyle there is. All these symbols combined, will form the symbol of our Hardcore-religion. Because of this special concept and its 20th edition, it will be unique this year.

Area 1 is The Symbol of Orgin: Early Hardcore.

Area 2 The Paradox area is The Symbol of Immortality: Millenium Hardcore

Area 3 The Nocturnal area The Symbol of Insanity: Frenchcore

Area 4 The Falcon area is The Symbol of  Devestation: Uptempo Hardcore

Area 5 The Chambre of Terror is The Symbol of Agony: Terror and Early Terror

Because of the popularity of Area 3 Noctural the Frenchcore area, this area have its own event this year. The World Fashion Center of Amsterdam will be transformed in to the hardest Frenchcore area ever on the 23th of September! For more information, check out the Cyndium website or the Nocturnal Facebookpage.

Tickets are available at http://cyndium.com/tickets/tickets-pandemonium/ or at a Primera-store nearby. Order now, since tickets are only €51,- (Ex Fee)


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