Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Yesterday, Phuture Noize announced on his Instagram that he is working once again with the boys of Sub Zero Project. The collab will be the second in line. 

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Phuture Noize explained on his Instagram: “Cooking up some next-level shiz again with the boys for their new album.” This musical collaboration between the three guys is definitely something we have been enjoying before, their first collab is called ‘We Are The Fallen’. 

The track will be made for the debut album of Sub Zero Project‘Contagion’. The album will be showcased through the premiere of their new live-act ‘The Contagion’ during the Sunday of REBiRTH Festival.

New collaboration between Phuture Noize and Sub Zero Project

Fans commented at the Instagram post, saying that they are really looking forward to this collab. What the track will be named and when it will be released is unclear.


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cooking up some next-level shiz again with the boys for their new album. @subzeroproject

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Photo by Facebook-page Sub Zero Project 

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