Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

This Friday, on the 21st of April, it’s time for the release of the first solo album of Psyko Punkz called ‘Wietse’. Some time ago, Mr. Psyko told us everything about his new album in an interview we held together in his studio. He called this album his life’s work and that it really captures his essence of what hardstyle is all about.

In the past few weeks, several previews of his new album appeared on his social media channels. The first track of the album called ‘Enjoy The Ride’ even has its very own video clip shot at Defqon.1 Chile and Reverze. Other tracks like ‘Play The Drum’, ‘Psyko Prince’ and ‘No Bad People’ have also been previewed and the fans are very excited to say the least.

The album contains a total of 16 tracks and some of them haven’t got a preview or anything, so they will be completely new. Tracks like ‘Dance’, ‘Up and Down’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘The Secret’ will remain a complete surprise until this Friday. Will they get the same reception as the first tracks who already got their previews?

‘Spaceship‘ is also featured on the album. This track has been around for some time now and was a direct hit from the start. In the interview we did with Mr. Psyko told us that he worked 9 months on this track before he believed it to be perfect. The last two tracks on the album are ‘Hiphop Mashup’ (As Mr. Psyko) and ‘Bootje Varen’ (As Wietz). What these tracks are like is not clear at this point, but this Friday, all of our questions will be answered.

Photo’s: Psyko Punkz

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