Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Radical Redemption’s last album dates back to 2020. Time to change that, the hardstyle DJ from Denekamp must have thought. Radical Redemption will be releasing a lot of new music next year. He announced this during his Orchestra of Eternity show, an event that took place on Saturday, October 28 at Het Sierraad in Amsterdam. The project, No Retaliation, includes three different albums to be released throughout 2024.

During his sold out Orchestra of Eternity show in Amsterdam, Radical Redemption was the conductor at the head of a 20-piece orchestra last weekend. During this show he gave an emotional speech announcing not one, but three albums in 2024. “I want to thank you all for coming and also for your dedication over the years. Everyone knows I’ve had a bit of a rough patch over the past two years. But this is why I do what I do. And… in January I will release the first of three albums. The only other thing I have to say… there will be no retaliation.” A powerful statement that was answered loudly by his fans, accompanied by deafening applause.

The year 2024 starts off musically promisingly for Radical fans with the release of part 1 of No Retaliation: The Solo’s. Part 2 and part 3 of the No Retaliation project will follow later in the year, called The Collabs and The Orchestra Of Eternity.

“This project is everything Radical Redemption stands for”

“This project is something I have been working on for at least 3 years,” Radical Redemption tells Hard News. “It is everything Radical Redemption stands for. Musically, but also in terms of show. I have taken plenty of time to develop this album down to the last detail. It is a very special project in which I have grown a lot as a producer and learned a lot.”

Hypes do not deceive him. “My music can best be described as ‘Radical Redemption’. I want you to be able to tell right away that you are listening to one of my records. By releasing the albums separately, fans & music lovers can also clearly see and hear what the records were made for. You will often hear tracks from the Solo and Collab albums in my DJ sets.”

This does not apply to the tracks that are in the works with ‘The Orchestra of Eternity’. “These are meant to be heard during such a unique show. Being together in a location where a large orchestra makes those records come completely to life gives you goosebumps. It is magical what happens in the room. Those tracks really come into their own in that setting. I produced those tracks with that vision, not for a dark disco with only a DJ booth. You see that the audience sees that now too, now that we have done the first two shows. The response has been truly overwhelming.”

Radical Redemption has gone through some tumultuous years. The Orchestra of Eternity project was the last project he set up in full collaboration with his father before his father passed away. The three albums set to be released in 2024 are interconnected by incorporating a ‘D’ in the first album, an ‘A’ in the second album, and once again, a ‘D’ in the third album.

Radical Redemption: “Magical is the only word to describe this night”

He looks back with pride on his Orchestra of Eternity show last weekend. “Magical, the only word to describe this night. You just need to witness this live. I’m smiling, we all shared a very special moment,” he shared on Instagram. The reactions of visitors on social media are also impressive. Just a selection of the reactions: “Your best show ever!”, “Enjoyed so much! What a fantastic evening” and “Most magical and fascinating show I ever witnessed! Just pure perfection.”

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