Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Radical Redemption has big plans with a lot of new music in the year 2024. During his sold-out Orchestra of Eternity show in Amsterdam, the DJ announced that he will release three albums in one year. Starting today, the first album of his project ‘No Retaliation’ can be streamed.

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Starting today, ‘No Retaliation,’ the debut album from Radical Redemption’s new project, is available on all major streaming platforms. This is the most personal album Joey has produced to date, he said in a personal statement. “It tells my story. A story of loss, change, uncertainty and mental challenges. But also a story of strength, determination and perseverance.”

Radical Redemption has had a lot of setbacks in recent years. The loss of his father in 2021 had a major impact on him. One year later, Joey decided to leave his booking agency and music label after 10 years at the end of 2022. “Unfortunately, their response was not as expected,” he said. “I was removed from line-ups, erased from playlists, they seized my house, my bank account…”

Radical Redemption: “The fire inside me was ignited like never before”

Despite facing all these setbacks, Radical Redemption pushed through. “What do you do when this happens to you? Be afraid, hold back and run away? Or do you stand-up and fight? The fire inside me was ignited like never before.” Joey was certain: he would get out of this stronger and better than ever.

Producing ‘No Retaliation’ brought closure for Radical Redemption. It taught him to deal with his emotions better. In addition, it helped him process everything that had happened in recent years. The whole situation gave Joey also a lot of inspiration for new music. “The music basically wrote itself, inspiration hit like in the early days,” he says. It became clear to the DJ that he had to look ahead. “Life is too short to stay in the past. I don’t have time to be hateful because there is too much to be grateful for.”


To complete the ‘No Retaliation’ project, Radical Redemption will release two more albums this year: The Collabs and The Orchestra Of Eternity. These albums are linked by using a ‘D’ in the first album, an ‘A’ in the second album and again a ‘D’ in the third album. The second part of the album is planned for autumn 2024 and the third part of the album is planned for the beginning of 2025.

‘No Retaliation’ by Radical Redemption is now available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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