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It’s coming ladies and gentlemen! This afternoon, Radical Redemption himself added a couple of video’s and photo’s to his Instagram Story. As we can see in these stories, the raw hardstyle dj is quite busy with producing a brand new track. And not just an ordinary track. No, The Radical announced that the anthem for his upcoming album and show ‘The Road to Redemption’ is now officially in progress!

For this occasion, Joey wasn’t at his very own studio. In the first screen shot we can see that there’s an whole orchestra working on the anthem. Under the wings of the conductor, numerous of different musicians are playing their instruments, mostly violins. It drew our attention straight away. Classical influences in combination with a hardstyle track are always a brilliant idea. So hopefully this is a great start for the upcoming anthem. We can’t wait for the result.

Because the stories on Instagram are available for 24 hours only, we made a couple of screenshot for you – see down below. Nice little detail: in the second picture you can see that the music sheets, alongside the notes, there’s a little sentence above: ‘Stay Loud!’. Hopefully this means that Radical will create the loudest track ever or the orchestra has to play at loud volume. Either way, if we have a look at his previous album, the expectation is that The Road to Redemption anthem will be another slammer.

We still have to wait a little longer for the result though. It’s all going to happen on the 4th of November, because then it’s time for The Road to Redemption in Breda. Besides the fact that this will be his third show already, there’s also a brand new third album to be released. Which tracks are featured on this production is not clear yet, but you can check out a little impression right here.

radical redemption the road to redemption anthem - insta story

Cover image via Facebook page Radical Redemption & screen shots via Instagram account Radical Redemption

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