Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Recently Ran-D held a Q&A on his Facebook page. Fans had the chance to ask him questions and he would answer them as much as possible. Because he hinted at his new project ‘We Rule The Night’ earlier this year, people quickly started asking him about this.

Luckily he answered just as quickly and it became clear that We Rule The Night is the title of his upcoming, and first, album. Unfortunately not a single track is fully completed yet, because of his busy touring schedule. Of course it’s good to see that his bookings are going so well, but we’d rather hear new music.

He also confirmed a lot of new tracks earlier this year. However, it’s not yet sure if they will also be released on the album.

  • We Rule The Night
  • Zombie
  • Ear Damage
  • Band Of Broters
  • Hell Ain’t Ready
  • Suicidal Superstar (met Phuture Noize)
  • Drugs (met Act of Rage)
  • Victorious (met Clockartz)
  • Back to Life (met D-Sturb)
  • MDMA (met Endymion)
  • Young Birds (met Frequencerz)

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