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By Wouter de Vink

Fans of Harmony or Hardcore pay attention, because the well-known festival is bringing the beloved RAVEZONE indoors together with X-Factor Events. The concept with a huge reputation finally returns and does this with 18 of the hardest artists of the moment in Eindhoven.

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More RAVEZONE is always better. In 2005 it started as an event in and around Nijmegen (like De Vasim and Doornroosje) and it has also been connected to Harmony of Hardcore from the very beginning. Every year, this massive tent is a highlight of The Ultimate Hardcore Feeling and has now grown into Harmony’s largest area.

The just-revealed RAVEZONE line-up of the event speaks for itself. As you are used to, everything revolves around Extreme Hardcore and Miss K8, Partyraiser, Spitnoise and 15 other acts will be present at the return of the event. “An overload of heavy kicks, high BPM and extremely distorted sound will reverberate thanks to this massive line-up.”

RAVEZONE line-up

Miss K8
Deadly Guns vs. N-Vitral
Cryogenic vs. The Dark Horror
Never Surrender vs. Hysta
Irradiate (Atomic Warfare LIVE)
Manifest Destiny
Vandal!sm vs. Bazzy
Tensor & Re-Direction
Tha Watcher

Also, the organization has decided to do this indoor edition of RAVEZONE in a brand-new location. Vibes Eindhoven (where the famous Beursgebouw used to be) has room for 2,500 people in the vibrant heart of ‘the City of Light’, is close to the station and has excellent acoustics.

“RAVEZONE makes its long awaited indoor comeback!”

RAVEZONE will be held during the day on Saturday the 24th of February 2024 in the Eventcenter Vibes Eindhoven from 14:00 to 00:00. Tickets are available from Wednesday the 27th of September 19:00 CEST: pre-register now via the event’s official website so you don’t miss out on ticket sales. “If tickets sell out during the pre-sale, there will be no regular sale.”

ravezone 2024 line-up

Footage taken from Facebook page Harmony of Hardcore / SPARK

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