Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Technoboy and Crypsis have been working together and finished a collab. The news came out last Friday, but wasn’t picked up because of Qlimax and Project One last Saturday. The name of the track is still unknown, but it has been played in Australia last weekend.

Lately, Crypsis has had some busy months. In September he released his third album Program Hostile at Supremacy, he played at XXlerator RAW, Indicator, Syndicate, and he was a big part of Radical Redemption: Militant Mayhem. Next to that, he had a mini tour in Australia where he played in Sydney and Adelaide last weekend. Still he found some time to make a collab with Technoboy.

The Italian Technoboy, better known as Cristiano Giusberti in real life, is one of the biggest names in the hardstyle scene. He is one of the founders of the hardstyle sound and released his first track back in 1999 on the label Titanic Records. Technoboy isn’t only a dj/producer, he is also part-owner of the S.A.I.F.A.M. Publishing Group. Titanic Records is part of this big label.

The two ran into each other in Adelaide last weekend and there they played the new collab. This collab is pretty unique, because Technoboy is known for his reversed bass and Crypsis is known for creating a great atmosphere in his tracks. The collab could end up like what a random guy commented on the photo of Crypsis and Technoboy together on the Facebookpage of Technoboy: “Like mixing wodka with sambuca…this is gonna be powerful!” We are looking forward to hear the track for the first time!

Crypsis & Technoboy

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