Hard News
By Hard News

Rebourne is known for his euphoric hits that¬†contain lots of ‘feelz’. Ever since he signed at Fusion Records back in 2011 he has been rolling one track after another out of his studio. This year alone he has had a staggering 8 releases, 5 of them which¬†have been released on Fusion Records, 2 on HARDwithSTYLE and one Dirty Workz.

So saying that Rebourne can produce is an understatement. However, today he announced that he’s working on 10 new tracks. Some of them are already finished, while some are still a WIP (work in progress). Luckily he uploaded short previews of the tracks on his SoundCloud page, so you can listen to them below.

That means we will be hearing a lot from Timon in 2016. Which of the 10 previews is your favorite?

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