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By Bob Ligthart

After many previews and an album showcase at REBiRTH Festival, Regain has now revealed the tracklist of his album. The production includes multiple CDs and the pre-order of this has already started.

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Last year, Regain announced during his last ‘Out of Bounds’ live act he would come out with a new solo album. The Polish DJ has already previewed songs of his album, but now he revealed the entire tracklist. Out of Bounds has two CDs, including fourteen tracks: one of them is a mix of all these tracks and on the other one all the songs are separately from each other. “I’m proud to show you the full tracklist of my album!” It’s the second album of Regain, since he released his first one Point of No Return back in 2017.

In May, Regain will perform his album showcase for the last time in the Netherlands. He does that during Phoenix Festival and at his own event: This is Regain. After that, he will do a tour through Europe and Australia.

Regain has revealed ‘Out of Bounds’ tracklist

You already can pre-order Out of Bounds at Regain’s store and this week he will sign all this orders. You don’t have to wait for a long time, since the transmission starts at the first of May.

Photo by Facebook page Regain

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