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By Wouter de Vink

It’s almost time for the birthday of the Sound Rush brothers and they’re going to have a big celebration. Specially for this festive occasion, the most famous hardstyle twins have stepped it up with their own bus, with which they will celebrate their birthday at a festival together with 50 people ├índ they will end the day with an afterparty.

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“If it’s your birthday you have to treat”, is the motto of the Sound Rush twins. That is why they invite a bus full of fans to be part of this beautiful day completely in style. After many kilometers with the camper, this time the men have their own Sound Rush Bus: equipped with everything you need for a good party on the road.

“The party already starts in the Sound Rush Bus with a DJ set from us, while we all go to City of Dance.” A total of 42 people have the chance to be part of this day (so on the bus, the festival and the afterparty). Sounds like quite the birthday party, right?

It’s Sound Rush’s birthday and treats 42 people to a full day of festival: “Including pre-party in the Sound Rush Bus and after-party!”

Do you want to do a birthday dance with Sound Rush this Sunday? All you have to do is tag your party buddy in Sound Rush’s Instagram post. The winners will be announced on Wednesday evening. “We will keep on partying until the early hours!”

Sound Rush Bus B-Day Sound Rush Bus B-Day

Cover image taken from Facebook page Sound Rush

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