Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

A couple of days ago, Art of Creation was already hinting at news concerning their label with a mysterious picture. There you could see the Art of Creation members, but also black silhouettes of five other persons. The silhouettes just got filled with faces and we now know: Art of Creation and Spirit of Hardstyle join forces for one massive hardstyle label.

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Earlier today, Art of Creation hyped up the upcoming announcement by posting a picture with letters of their own mysterious alphabet. Dedicated fans quickly figured out that it means “November Thirteen”, today’s date. Just now, the label enlightened curious followers and came out with huge news: Art of Creation and Spirit of Hardstyle form one joint label from now on. The Spirit of Hardstyle crew Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators and Audiotricz will unite and become one with Headhunterz’, Wildstylez’, Sound Rush’s and Project One’s label Art of Creation.

Art of creation spirit of hardstyle

“After many years of friendship and collaboration”, the artists decided to build this hardstyle collective. The DJs had been working several times among themselves and released in the past years tracks such as ‘Tonight’, ‘No One Can Stop Us Now’, ‘Turn The Music Up!’ and ‘Bad Habits’. According to them, the new label formation “will allow new members to bring a diverse set of skills that will create endless possibilities to grow the label.”

“Hard, authentic, musical and pure, Art of Creation’s mission is simple – to provide top quality music to those that hold it dear in their hearts.”

Spirit of Hardstyle got founded in 2017 by Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators, Audiotricz and Atmozfears. With this combination they played a live set at Hard Bass 2018, had a hosting during Euphoria 2018 and brought out songs like ‘Spirit Of Hardstyle’ (Noisecontrollers), ‘World Is Mine’ (Audiotricz) and ‘Sun Goes Down’ (Bass Modulators). Headhunterz and Wildstylez started the label Art of Creation in the beginning of last year and a couple of months later, Sound Rush became a part of them. Now, they have five new members joining the label.

“The future ahead lives in our imagination. Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.”

If this new formation will release a joint track to kick off the “new beginning” of the label or a joint album, like Spirit of Hardstyle did in the beginning, isn’t known yet. Keep your eyes on Art of Creation’s socials, to get all latest news. If you didn’t understand the hint earlier this day, you can also go on the Art of Creation website, check out their mysterious alphabet and create your own personal icon within the “AoC universe.”

Footage via Facebook page Art of Creation

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