Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Aftershock proudly presents his brand new live act. The hardstyle DJ/producer will go a bit harder and more extreme during The Alliance, bringing lots of visuals, the return of the mask and an extra artist on stage.

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In 2019, Aftershock debuted during the last edition of Hard Bass and has impressed with quite a number of releases since then, including collabs with Adaro, B-Front and Wildstylez. Now he is launching a new live act, in which The Alliance fully engages the audience and deliveres even more power on stage. “A harder, more extreme side of Aftershock.”

Visitors of Dreamfields, Shutdown and Dream Village have already had a taste of Aftershock’s Alliance. The well-known mask is back exclusively for the live performances: together with a brand new outfit and a new MC (who exactly this is remains a secret for a while). “With custom edits, unexpected hard kicks and use of pyrotechnics when possible.”

“‘The Rave Dome’ is a new track which will be the first of many new theme songs for Aftershock: The Alliance”

‘The Rave Dome’ is the first track that fits the theme of Aftershock: The Alliance – check it out down below. Follow Aftershock on Instagram to keep yourself up to date about The Alliance.

Footage taken from Facebook page Aftershock

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