Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Dirty Workz is one of the leading labels within the harder styles scene. Tons of huge names, like Da Tweekaz, Psyko Punkz  and Phuture Noize are signed there. Now the label just announced, they add another big hardstyle act to their crew: from now on, Sub Sonik will join Dirty Workz.

The label published this announcement in quite a funny and creative way. They “accidentally” leaked the WhatsApp group conversation, where the name of the new Dirty Workz member gets revealed. Beside some jokes from the DJs, label boss Coone shares the news: “Remember I told you guys about that new signing? As we all think he will be a great addition to Dirty Workz… Guess what? He’s part of the family now.” Next thing to appear on the screen is: “Sub Sonik is now part of the group”, followed by many congratulations by the other artists.

“Glad to be part of the Dirty Workz family! Thank you all for having me on board!”, the producer of ‘MF Sandstorm’ replies. Before, Sub Sonik published his music on We R Raw. Hit track ‘Bring It On’ with Rebelion was a huge success during last year’s festival season.

Sub Sonik is the newest Dirty Workz member

The Belgium label got founded by Coone in 2006 and unites a wide range of DJs and genres. Dirty Workz has several sub labels and releases for example also jumpstyle by acts like Dr. Rude. The label doesn’t stop to expand: a couple of months ago, they added hardstyle legends Technoboy and Tuneboy as TnT to the crew. Sub Sonik’s first release on Dirty Workz will be ‘Fight For Survival’. The exact date is not know yet.

Footage taken from Facebook page Sub Sonik

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