Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

It’s that time of the year again on the 4th of February. Months of preparation comes together in the GelreDome for the first big indoor event of the year: Hard Bass. Thousands of Hardstyle lovers gather in Arnhem to be amazed by everything the scene has to offer. Team Red is the closing act just like previous years. This time Team Red consists of the duo Rebelion, who became very popular in a short amount of time, together E-Force and Warface, who became a huge part of the scene and joined forces in a new act called War Force.

A photo on Facebook appeared yesterday on which the five gents are sitting on a couch at E-Force’s studio. This doesn’t have to be big news, because it is understandable that the team wants to prepare theirselves. But E-Force posted an interesting message on his own page: “Let’s make some distorted noises and phat kicks!”

Later on, a photo appeared online where Team Red was working on a track in the studio of E-Force. The hype is real. The three acts are enormously popular at the moment, so a collaboration could cause shockwaves. E-Force knows how to put much emotion in his tracks with his dark sounds. Furthermore, Warface already released two albums full of rough kicks which drain all your energy. Finally, the act Rebelion stands for everything that is called hard nowadays. Combine these three elements and visions and you have the recipe for a real banger.

warfaceRecently, E-Force announced that his first album The Edge Of Insanity is coming. The album will consist of approximately twenty tracks and it will conclude with a hardcore track. Next to that, there will be a couple of collaborations on the album under which collabs with Psyko Punkz, Luna, Regain, Jack of Sound, Bass Chaserz, Warface, Radical Redemption and Frequencerz. Also the Adaro & E-Force Remix of ‘Warface – FTP’ will be on the album.

Warface also hadn’t been idle recently. Together with Remco, he has been busy with a compilation album called Live For This with all Warface releases of 2016 and four new, exclusive tracks under which a track of the same name. Subsequently, he started a new vlog of which the first episode has been posted online.

Last but not least, Rebelion released their debut-album Uprising at the end of last year. The album has been released in three stage and consists of 20 tracks in total with multiple collaborations with artists such as Delete, Deetox & Warface. Besides that the agenda of the Scottish duo is currently jam-packed and the performances are crowded.

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