Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

After some time of waiting, the youngest member of The Wolfpack is finally born. Pepijn, member of Frequencerz, shared on Facebook that he became a father on the 6th of October. It’s a girl and she is called Noortje.

The girlfriend of Pepijn was pregnant for a longer time before. A month ago it was already revealed that the baby was supposed to enter the world pretty soon. That’s why Pepijn abandoned the DJ stage for a while. In September he posted a message on Facebook. In this post he revealed that his baby was coming in the nearby future and so on Niels, other member of Frequencerz, would perform on his own for a while. This happened at Defqon.1 Australia for example. The following message was posted:

So, it has been expected that Pepijn will be off from producing and performing the next couple of weeks. As there might be a break for this member, Niels will probably do most of the work temporarily. Then, every fan hopes that the baby eventually gives Pepijn good inspiration for his future productions when he returns.

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