Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Casper van Schie is the man behind the act Enemy Contact. This man started his hardstyle adventure in 2015 and is a proud member of X-Raw Records. Although he isn’t active in the scene for a very long time, he already left his mark on the hardstyle scene. His collab with Krowdexx called ‘Get Paid’ was featured on this years Hard Bass CD and he also performed at Radical Redemption’s ‘Militant Mayhem’ party. It’s pretty obvious that this young man is very talented and that his future in the scene looks very bright. We are probably going to hear a lot more from him, so we decided to ask him some questions for ‘The Future Of Hardstyle’.

enemy-contact-get-paidWhat was the first time you came in touch with hardstyle?
I think it was about ten years ago, when jumpstyle was very popular. I remember all the kids trying to show off with the well known jumpstyle moves on ‘Jeckyl & Hyde – Frozen Flame’. Slowly I came in touch with hardstyle and ever since it became an important part of my life!

Why did you choose to make raw hardstyle instead of euphoric?
When I started producing I was a very big fan of the dreamy sound like those of the Wasted Penguinz. When we performed with my old alias (Lunaticz) we made a lot of ‘dreamy’ like tracks. When we decided to stop as Lunaticz I continued on my own and started to make harder music. I liked it at the time and I stuck with it. But I don’t want to say that I only make raw (I don’t like to think in separate genres). It’s my opinion that hardstyle should always carry a certain feeling with it. That’s why you will always hear some sort of melody in my tracks.

How did you come up with the name Enemy Contact?
When I was making a track once, I found a sample pack with all kinds of military vocals and shouts. In that pack there was a sample were someone shouted ‘Enemy Contact’. It sounded really good to me and I decided to use that as my alias. The track I was working on at the time turned out to be the first release under this alias!

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
I’ve had some personal highlights so far, but I think that ‘Radical Redemption’s – Militant Mayhem’ is on top of that list for now :). Also the times when big artists (like B-Front recently) supported my tracks in their sets were huge highlights. That always means a lot to me because that’s what you do this for as an artist!

enemy-contact-tadicalWho is your biggest role model within the hardstyle scene?
That’s a hard question. I couldn’t possibly choose one, since I have a lot of respect for many artists. But just to name a few: B-Front, Audiofreq, Noisecontrollers, Radical Redemption, Phuture Noize, etc, etc.

What are your ambitions or ultimate dream?
I think to perform at Qlimax one day :), or to make an anthem for a great party/festival. That would be amazing.

What is your favorite hardstyle track?
Without a doubt ‘Noisecontrollers – Down Down’

Are you working on something special in the studio right now?
Yes, I am very busy trying to bring the quality of my productions to a higher level. I’ve already made some new tracks, but what will happen with these tracks will remain a surprise!

Would you like to say something to your fans and to the readers of this interview?
I would like to thank everyone who has supported me until this point! Keep on following my socials, some nice things are coming in the future ;).


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