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By Wouter de Vink

Since today, the new Silver Bullet album of Phuture Noize has finally been released. In recent months, the hardstyle producer has worked hard on this, and in a short time social media has already been full of favorable reactions. “2020 is finally turning into something good.”

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As you know, Phuture Noize took a break in September, exchanging the weekends at many gigs for extra time in the studio. “The planning of the project started in March last year and all music has been made since the tourbreak in September”, Marco says in his Instagram stories. Yesterday, a visualizer of the album came online, with all 11 tracks of the album accompanied by artwork that has more meanings than you might think at first glimpse.

Since the release, the internet is full of enthusiastic reactions from fans. “The best album of the year”, is one of the many reactions you will encounter. The choices for the favorite track of Silver Bullet are – as was the case with Pursuit of Thunder and Black Mirror Society – are different, which indicates that the album as a whole scores very well according to the fans. “The album as a concept, from the artwork to the lyrics, to the vinyl release. The best album in hardstyle history!”

Silver Bullet album by Phuture Noize raises the bar (again)

Silver Bullet is now available at the familiar platforms. Also, this is the first album released on the new Phuture Noize label called Black Mirror Society. According to the label, there will be a behind the scenes look: “In the future phuture noize will explain his thought process and writing ideas on this album.”

Footage taken from Facebook page Phuture Noize

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