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‘Inner Peace’ is quite an unusual Hardstyle track. The Wasted Penguinz are known for their emotional, euphoric and feel good tracks but ‘Inner Peace’ is different. We were really curious about the story behind this 9-minute masterpiece, so decided to ask them all about it.

Hi guys! First of all, how are you doing?
Hi Guys! We’re still recovering from our kick-ass December tour. We had lots of good shows all around the world! After that busy month we’re back home now in The Netherlands and busy in the studio again. 2016 is off to a good start so far.

Your track ‘Inner Peace’ is out. For a Hardstyle track, it’s something different. Can you give us some insights on how this track was born?
This track was born with the purpose of having no boundaries at all and to just make a track packed with our personal experiences portrayed throughout the music. No rules, like: no this part has to be this long or else the crowd will stop dancing, this has to be this bla bla.

As a producer and DJ you have two different perspectives. From the producer point of view you just want to listen to a track and enjoy all the details and just get lost in the music and appreciate the quality of a composition. From a DJ point of view there are certain “unwritten-rules” while making a Hardstyle track. The more you travel and play around the world you know what works and what doesn’t on the dance floor and you can build your tracks around the things you have learned and experienced on the road. When it comes to ‘Inner Peace’ we just wanted to do a track meant for listening purposes. No rules, no specific buildups, just creating a piece of music.

Was the track meant to be a statement?
You could say that in a way. A statement to show what music is really about, translating your emotions into sound.

Inner Peace is not a real party track as the audience wants something new every 3 minutes. When do you play this track?
We haven’t actually played this track out yet, we’re still waiting for the right moment. It’s a nine minute long track and we want it to be special when we play it for the first time. Maybe a big show somewhere this year that means a lot to us where we will finish off our set with ‘Inner Peace’ would be really cool.

Is Inner Peace a precursor of what we can expect music wise from you in 2016?
‘Inner Peace’ was more of a way to finish off 2015. We might do something more like this in the future but for now our focus is elsewhere. For us 2016 is off to a great start, we’re busy in the studio and already finished a new original and also putting the final things together for a remix. We’re also gonna start working on a second original, the workflow and inspiration is really good at the moment.

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  • kbm_ 27 January 2016 - 13:27

    “as the audience wants something new every 3 minutes”

    What a bullshit! This is not what the audience want. This is how the formula of hardstyle is created in the last 4 years, but NO ONE really likes it. Not in the last place because it is not mixable!!

    Every track ends the same “tikketikketikketikketikke BOOM” new track. FUCK THIS SHIT!


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