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By Leonie Schott

After months filled with new music, the year is nearly coming to an end. Hardstyle lovers traditionally take time to look back on all the releases and vote for their favorite ones for the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100. Before the result will be revealed during the Top 10 show on EPIQ NYE, fans can now cast their vote for their 10 favorite tracks of 2019.

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According to Q-dance, reflecting is a part of New Year’s Eve and to close the year in style and look back on its musical highlights, the 10 best voted tracks of the year will be presented during a grand show at this year’s NYE event EPIQ. “We also believe it’s important to recognize the artists that made a significant contribution to our scene. Of course, in the end it’s all about the opinion of the audience and the fans, so without their voices it couldn’t be done“, Rogier from Q-dance said in an earlier interview.

From now on, hardstyle fans can vote within 9 days for their 10 favorite hardstyle tracks and give the artists the credits they deserve. In the last year, Ran-D won the Golden Record, the price for the creator of the winner track, for ‘Hurricane’ after he had just missed the win in the year before.

Winners Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100

2018: ‘Hurricane’ – Ran-D
2017: ‘Destiny’ – Headhunterz
2016: ‘Gravity’ – ANDY SVGE
2015: ‘Solar’ – Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators
2014: ‘Seven’ – E-Force
2013: Imaginary’ – Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn

Besides obviously consisting of different tracks each year, the whole presentation of the Top 10 is an unique experience every time: “The show is different each and every year, since it has to comply to the theme of that edition. It also depends on the stage, the lights and the music: this is leading. It’s beautiful to see everything come together. For now I have experienced all top 10 shows as very special!“, Q-dance tells.

The voting for the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 2019 is now open

Fans can choose for 10 tracks and vote for them from now on until 11th December 23:59 via the official Q-dance website. The most voted tracks will eventually result in the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100, from which the best will be presented during the Top 10 show at EPIQ NYE.

Footage via Facebook page Q-dance


  • Yann 02 December 2019 - 19:36

    Sub zéro project psychopath

  • Miyani prashant 06 December 2019 - 04:30

    Best hardstyle is da twekaz and ran d


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