Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

MYST and Jack of Sound are working on a new track together in the studio. They made the announcement yesterday on their Facebook pages. Both gentlemen have a lot of experience when it comes to making collaborations. Jack of Sound has a lot of successful collabs with artists like Frequencerz (‘Hollow’) and Alpha2 (‘Das Weite Land‘). MYST has been working on a lot of collabs in more recent times. Artists like Digital Punk, Adaro, Deetox, Degos & Re-Done and now Jack of Sound are all among the lucky DJ’s.

MYST has been getting a lot of attention lately. His latest EP called ‘The Prophecy’ has gained a lot of support from the biggest artists in the scene. Tracks like ‘Before You Go’ and ‘Hear My Breath’ kill it every single time on the dance floor. The success of the EP is now getting him so far that he is able to collaborate with the biggest raw hardstyle artists in the scene. What this new collab with Jack of Sound will bring is not yet clear, but now that the festival season has started it won’t take long before we will hear the first preview.

19055540_1595846783782241_5616794002317329329_oPhoto’s: MYST & Jack of Sound

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