Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

B-Front is known for his dark and hypnotizing sounds. Every melody he uses in his tracks contain his “signature sound”. When you listen carefully you’ll notice that B-Front’s tracks take you away on a journey through his vision on Hardstyle. Another artist with the same skills is Phuture Noize. His recent tracks ‘Shallow Waters’ and ‘The Worlds Beyond’ make it clear that we’re working with an experimental mastermind here. We surely haven’t heard the last from him!

Yesterday they posted a picture on Facebook together in the studio. This resulted in a lot of positive comments from people that couldn’t wait for the result. Curious what you might expect? Be sure to listen to one of their latest tracks,  The Worlds Beyond’ by Phuture Noize and ‘Dark Moon’ by B-Front.

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