Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Vazard, the artist who created the Spoontech Records label, posted an update on Facebook this afternoon about his upcoming album. The update contains news that some rather not hear. Unfortunately, the artist announced that he is currently busy with other work and he needs more time since some tracks aren’t ready yet. That’s why he delayed the release of his album till early 2018. So, a couple of months waiting are required to finally listen to the album.

The Facebook-post contains the following text:

”Firstly, thank you to everyone for your curiosity and excitement for my upcoming album ‘Chapters of the Mind’ When I started posting teasers and showcasing tracks, I still had a lot of work to do on many tracks and had a timeline in my head of when it would be finished and released.

At this point I still have more work to do and there are some tracks I am not happy enough with so they need re-visiting. Currently I am at a bit of a productivity brick wall so I am taking a short break to refresh and come back to the album for the final stretch and have it ready for everyone early 2018!

Sorry to anyone that was keen to get there hands on it sooner, but I’d rather not turn my enjoyment of creating the album to a stressful period of trying to rush it out the door!”

Then, the Dj also announced that the new album consists out of 16 tracks, including 6 collabs. Chanches are that the collab with Delete, known as Explosions, is included as well. Also the tempo of the album is pretty different. BPM variate between 134 and 170 BPM. Also, the album will be for sale with the use of physical CD’s. Four CD’s will be released with full samplers of his tracks.

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