Peter Lagerwaard
By Peter Lagerwaard

The Trimbos institute has warned for a new XTC-pill on the market, with a dangerously high dose of MDMA. The pills have been in circulation for several weeks. Trimbos has been warning the public for years for increasingly higher dose MDMA in XTC-pills.

The pale yellow, square pills have emerged across the country. They can be identified by the ADE logo.
”Use of highly dosed XTC is extremely risky and increases the risk of overdose, causing overheating, acute psychotic symptoms, arrhythmias and liver failure can occur. Use can have fatal consequences” the institute said.


Meanwhile, many posters are being spread to warn the partygoers about the highly dosed pills. Also, drugs users have been alerted through many forums that are known to be used by drug users. MDMA, an ingredient of XTC, is one of the most widely used synthetic drugs in the dance industry. Last year during ADE, there were three deceased visitors.

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