Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

On October 7th, B2S and founder Paul Elstak will organize the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare in Rotterdam. This event will happen at a grand location: the Ahoy Arena and RTM stage are renamed as the Nightmare Arena and the Hall of Legends for one night. “We will honor the past and future of Hardcore!”

Exactly 30 years after the first edition in the legendary Energiehal in Rotterdam, founder Paul Elstak and B2S are joining forces to revive A Nightmare in Rotterdam for an anniversary edition. This is done by honoring the music of recent years, and looking ahead to what hardcore has to offer us in the future. Paul Elstak says: “For me, Nightmare is hardcore in the broadest sense of the word.”

A Nightmare in Rotterdam

During this festive anniversary edition, three hardcore legends, Paul Elstak, Partyraiser and Neophyte, will receive their own special Nightmare. This is an exclusive set highlighting the journey of their Nightmare, focusing on their vision of the past and present of hardcore. You can check when the DJs will play their exclusive Nightmare in the timetable below:

timetable nightmare in rotterdam 2023

timetable nightmare in rotterdam 2023

“You’ve got their power, I’ve got their souls”

In addition to Paul Elstak and Partyraiser being on stage for their already legendary Nightmare live sets, they also present the anthem called ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ together. The two DJ’s entered the studio for this record and drew inspiration from the past 30 years of hardcore. This inspiration was used to create a track that fits perfectly into the current hardcore style.

A Nightmare In Rotterdam will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2023 in Rotterdam. There are still tickets available via the official B2S shop. For more information, check the website, Instagram or Facebook.


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